Make Your Life “Antifragile”

Save more. Get strong. Find your voice. Become resilient.

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Work from “all bars.”

Too much turbulence, and we can’t function. Too little, and we get flabby and unfocused. Learn how to function at your best–by introducing a little “strength training” into your life–from financial streamlining to nutritional discipline.


Fit the pieces together.

Finances, exercise, diet, work, travel, creative expression. These are not different compartments of your life–they’re pieces of the same great puzzle. What makes for a better, stronger, more creative life? The answer is NOT to eliminate risk.


Live at full volume.

Your voice is powerful.  But financial worry, time-wasting habits, and an instant-gratification lifestyle will kill your creativity and silence your voice. Learn to introduce the habits that’ll help you live at full volume.


Love what you do.

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” There’s a lot of truth to this old saying. Mastery comes from doing–and we all find time to do what we love. Do more of what you love–by carving out space in your life for excellence.



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